Our Voice website mock-up website was created as a guide to help people who do not know much about diversity in politics learn about African Americans that formally and currently hold chairs in the political office whether it's a local city or state government. This concept focuses on African American politicians both republican and democrat. The goal was to provide general, guide viewers to local voting polls in their area, provide African American political news and videos, and African American voter statistics nationwide. The idea of this site also helps African Americans have an understanding of each politician's views and to make sure that viewers are voting not only based on a politician's color of their skin but on what they can do for their country.
To accompany the website, I created an app mock-up that provides a social platform to discuss politics with other like-minded individuals, locate your local polls just as the website does, and provides events and local political places to volunteer. lastly, I created a mock-up game that helps people learn more about black politicians. The game provides a matching where the user matches each politician to their perspective state and another game that has the users guess the correct facts about the provided politician.
Desktop/Laptop Mock-Up
mobile/app mock-up

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