Drunken Monkeys is a board game that I created for the purpose of adults 21 and older who are looking for a fun way to drink. I designed and illustrated the front cover, the board, and the monkeys. The box, shot glasses, the monkey stands, and the globe dice were purchased online. I took a box, cut out the shapes for the game pieces, and spray painted the box black so it would match the color scheme and have a place to hold the pieces inside of the box. The cover was printed on vinyl and wrapped around the top cover of the box. The game board and player monkeys were printed on photo paper. The game board was then cut out and pasted on white cardboard to add weight. The monkeys were hand cut out and glued together both front and back to add weight and to fit into the card stands. Overall it was an enjoyable project to create and this game is still being played to this very day. 

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